Sunday, February 6, 2011

Gestational vs Traditional

I am often asked to explain the differences and advantages of each type of surrogacy.  I try to be as honest and unbiased as possible, but that can be challenging at times.  Traditional surrogacy is when a woman is the genetic parent to the child and donates her egg in addition to her womb.  A gestational surrogate (or carrier) is someone who is not genetically related to the child(ren) they will be carrying, and only donates her uterus.

Not all agencies deal with both gestational (GS) and traditional (TS) surrogacy.  Pink & Blue does work with both, but the demand for GS is much higher.  It is hard for me to find reasons to guide IP(s) in the direction of TS, but there are situations where is is the best option.  TS is much more complicated legally and emotionally and has much more risk associated with it.  It also has a much more limited pool of women to offer their help, there are many more limitations with a TS.  When you utilize a GS you only have to evaluate her ability to carry your child(ren) safely.  When you embark on a TS journey, not only is she going to "grow" your child(ren), she is their genetic parent.  On paper, it is almost always best to choose the route of GS.  You are able to choose ideal components to ensure you best outcome for a successful and healthy pregnancy.  Most IPs that choose the route of TS are looking for a less medically invasive or mort economical route to having a child.

Only the intended parent(s) can make the decision and know what is the best choice for them, but it is my job to make sure they are aware of all of their options before doing so.  In both scenarios, the quality of the match is still a critical decision.

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