Thursday, April 21, 2011

Testing and Screening

Yippee....we are matched!  Now what?!?  That is a questions that I hear on a regular basis.  The testing and  screening phase is the less then fun part that falls between the matching and the legal phases.  After IPs have decided on a surrogate we move on to the screening.  This part can be a little complicated and hectic, but it is a very important step.  Every clinic has different requirements and testing required.  The first thing I do is check with them and get a list of what is needed.  Next, if the surrogate is not located near the clinic, we have to pick a location.  Depending on the situation, it may be best to have the surrogate travel to the main clinic for her testing, other times it makes more sense to use a clinic local to her.  There are several tests that seem to be universal among all the clinics, a saline ultrasound and FDA blood work.  The saline ultrasound is to evaluate the condition of the uterus and is a critical test.  If all the medical tests are passed we move on to the psychological assessment.  This requirement varies between clinics, some require personality testing while others just require a counseling session.  On the flip side all of the above tests (with the exception of the saline ultrasound) are also required of the intended parents.  It can be a lot to arrange and coordinate, but everyone is happy to graduate from the testing phase and move on to the next step!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Sending lots of Baby Dust and Sticky Vibes!!!

I love Spring!  It is a busy time with so much new life and growth, families included.  The next month is busy with egg retrievals, embryo transfers, and pregnancy tests.  I am so excited for all the potential and can't wait to hear the news of those + tests.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Step by step...

Surrogacy is a complex and intimidating process.  It can be overwhelming to consider all of the pieces involved.  Egg donors, surrogates, doctors, nurses, lawyers, escrow agents, psychologists, coordinators, intended parents, etc.  Whew, that is a lot of people to keep organized and moving along.  It is no wonder that most IPs have a panic attack once they decide to move forward with surrogacy.  What, when who, how???  All good questions running through their mind.  This is a moment I truly enjoy, when I am able to take them and guide them through the seemingly impossible maze and watch the relief and enjoyment from their perspective. They are able to savor their journey and release the burden that was weighing on them.  When they are holding their child(ren) for the very first time, I want them to look back on the whole journey with a positive light.  I enjoy the planning, organizing, scheduling, etc.  I can't imagine a better way to spend my days then helping amazing people grow their families.