Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Families of all kinds...

Our society is overly focused on defining everything!  What I struggle with is who decides they are qualified to define anyone or anything.  I know that I feel comfortable deciding what is best for our family, but do not feel is my place to place these standards on other families.  I think these beliefs are reflected in our application process.  I am not asking intended parents to explain to me why they should be parents or even qualifying them as such.  It speaks volumes to me about someone just that they are preparing to embark on this journey.  Surrogacy can be emotionally and financially exhaustive, and if you are ready to start that journey...then you are ready to become parents.  Nothing in life is easy, having a family often falls into that category.  Instead of making these future parents bitter, they are driven to find ways to achieve their dreams.

Having a child never looks like a good idea on paper, they are expensive and extremely time consuming, (anyone with children reading this know exactly how much time and money is involved) and throwing surrogacy into the mix does not help paint a pretty picture.  What saves the day and our humanity is that children are the very best investment that we can make.  We can judge ourselves on how educated we are, how much money we make, how ofter we travel, but those are just a part of the puzzle.  The missing piece falls into place when you make that awesome decision to share yourself with a child.

There are all kinds of families in this world, how should we define them?  I don't think we should, that is what is so perfect about a family.  The only constant is that they are full of love.  We all need to remember this is how families are alike and not dwell on how they are different.

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