Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lupron = Grumpy

I have been wanting to post a new entry for a bit, but I have to be completely honest and say that the Lupron is making me totally grumpy.  I was going to wait for the effect to wear off and then post, but I realized that it is a part of surrogacy and I should share as many sides of this process as I can.  As much as I love surrogacy and enjoy being part of this amazing process, it does have some less then glamorous moments.  I generally handle all the bumps in the road well and do not think I am a complainer, but if you ask my husband right now, he might disagree.  He is being very supportive and labeling me as "sensitive", but I think he is being kind.  He is amazing and knows that this is a short lived side effect.  So I apologize for this lackluster entry, but that is all I have in me for today ;-)

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